Video Company Takes It to A New Level!

TwentyFiveEight ProductionsAt eight years-old, Mark Dennebaum Jr., knew he would be in the film industry. After countless movie nights with his mom and a love for “Revenge of the Nerds,” it was years later and through lots of experience that Mark decided to start his own video production business, TwentyFiveEight Productions. Together with his collaborator, Tim McDermott, the business has just the right amount of technical knowledge, humor and talent to create and produce emotional connections with people through video.

We had a chance to sit down with Mark and Tim to learn more about who they are, what their company does and who has inspired them along the way.

Scranton Chamber: What types of video services do you provide?

Mark Dennebaum: We do it all – commercials, corporate events, web videos, narrative, feature films, short films and documentaries.  We do pretty much anything that has to do with a camera and microphone. We put our hearts into every project we work on. All of our projects are meaningful and we have a lot of fun. It’s a very rewarding business.

SC: What are some of your favorite community projects you’ve worked on?

Tim McDermott:  We have been lucky in that we have found amazing organizations and people that we believe in. We did a viral video to promote the First Friday Scranton Art Auction called Scranton Masterpiece, a music video for a local musician and we did all of the video production for The Chamber’s SAGE Awards. We have also worked for Johnson College, New Jersey American Water, Senator John P. Blake and Lackawanna County Coroner, Tim Rowland.

SC: How did you become interested in film?

MD:  I became interested in film at a very young age. I watched movies and became fascinated that people could make emotional connections with the story on-screen. Growing up I saved my money to buy cameras and would carry a camera with me everywhere I went. As my love for film grew, I went to Florida for film school and to Los Angeles for film work. Now I’m back home and bringing what I’ve learned to this area.

TM: When I was six years old, my aunt left her video camera at our house after a holiday. I wasn’t supposed to touch it, but one day I decided to play around with it.  I started making movies in my room with action figures. Then in high school, I would always ask to make a movie instead of writing my assignments.

SC: What motivated you to start your own company versus working in film industry?

MD: Right after film school, I started working in Los Angeles on projects such as Scrubs, Sons of Anarchy, House, 24, Heroes and Drive. I found that I was taking every chance I could to come home. I love this area. I wanted to do film and now I’m bringing it to my own town. In today’s times, you don’t need to be in a certain place to do a certain job anymore. We can shoot anywhere and send our information anywhere.

SC: What does TwentyFiveEight Productions mean to you and what do you want it to be known for?

MD: It means validation. Everything I’ve done has lead up to this. It’s a really positive thing. I always think of entertainment as an escape. I want to make people have an emotional connection when they see our work.

TM & MD: We want to be known as creative, intelligent, passionate people that are trying to make a difference doing something that we love. We are fortunate to have found people that work for us that are hungry and passionate about film and its process.

SC: Your company name is very unique. How did you come up with it?

TM: Mark came up with the name, but it means the same to us. Our name reflects our work ethic.  We have no hesitation to work the extra hour or extra day to deliver the best possible end product.

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4 Responses to Video Company Takes It to A New Level!

  1. We are looking to do a educational/commercial video about our production of sausages in Scranton .(Artisanal and European style)
    Please contact us when you have a moment.



  2. Amy Farges says:

    Would you please put me in touch with this company? We are planning to make a training video. Thanks. We will be in Scranton tomorrow, Wed., and could perhaps meet with them.

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